April 19th, 2008

simpsons: bart & dance on her grave

30 Rock, General Series, #12. I'm drunk

Title: There's Nothing Like You and I (So Why Do I Even Try?)
Prompt: un_love_you #12. I'm drunk
Fandom: 30 Rock
Pairing: Jack/C.C., Jack/f, Jack/Liz (friendship)
Spoilers: through 2x10
Word Count: 2,303
Rating: R
Table: Over here.
Summary: Five times that Jack really, really misses C.C.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. A line from section four is taken from a Simpsons episode (that Alec Baldwin guest-starred in!). Title is from 'Nothing Like You and I' by The Perishers. Don't sue.

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